Handling inside the warehouse:

Service Price
Handling in ( per CBM ) USD 4.00 ( Min USD 100.00 )
Handling out ( per Case ) USD 4.00 ( min USD 100.00 )

In case you intend to use our Man-power for loading and unloading the containers, the following rates shall apply:

Type of Vehicle Transportation Handling charges per Container
20 Ft container NA USD 100.00
40 Ft container NA USD 120.00

Charges above exclude customs duty. Any other charges incurred other than the above would be billed on actual as per receipt. In case DDP- customs duty is 5% on CIF Value + VAT 5 % (Duty Advance payment. If not Outlay fee 3 % will be applicable)

• 5% VAT charges will be applicable for all our service charges.

• USD 135.00 - overtime charges will be applicable on weekend & public holidays.

Storage space:

Service Price
Storage Type Rate per CBM per week ( Min 20 CBM )
Dry USD 4.00

Storage facility for General cargo for fully packed condition cargo on pallets (Standard size 1.2*1*1 Meters) the rates quoted above are for the pallet size mentioned and May vary when change in Dimension/ Weight.