There is a saying that Sky is the beginning of the greatest extents. That is why our actions transcend our limits. As the Corporate world in Bahrain and around the world expands, the mobility of Human Capital and technology has augmented substantially.

Multi Model Freight Solutions WLL is a licensed Bahrain Cargo Handling, Logistics and Packing company. Our team of trained professional employees who are making sure to bring success.

Through selective marketing of our services we have grown and remained financially successful. Our mission is to provide a premium level of professional service to limited number of clients involved in the importation and distribution of product in the Bahrain. The majority of our clients are involved in the furniture, perishables, machine tools, metals, electronics, automotive products, and chemical industries. Also we are dealing with the major manufactures in the region. We also encourage our staff to continue their education and experience via various programs.

Our vision

To become the “Leader in the Freight Forwarding and Relocation Industry" despite the presence of huge multinational companies. To gain the accolade as the "most reliable company in the industry" through excellent services.

Our mission

We take pride in delivering high-quality services and always go the ‘extra mile’ to meet our clients’ requirements. We even seek to employ and retain the best people and believe that happy employees lead to flourishing companies


Business Process Improvement
Improved Customer Service
Driver Shortage & Retention
Government Regulations
Environmental Issues
Technology Strategy & Implementation