Air Freight Customs Clearance and Delivery Charges

Service Price
Customs Clearance fees USD 55.00 per document
Delivery Order fees USD 100.000 per HAWB
Airport Handling Charges Always at actuals, Charges will be approx. USD 0.25 cents per kg min USD50

Additional Services

Transportation (within Bahrain City limits)

Service Price
Transportation Charges USD 105.00 Per Trailer (for 8 hours)
Low Bed Trailer Case to Case
Labour (if required USD 20.00 per Labour per 8 hours

USD 135 /- will be charged by customs if country of origin not mentioned on commercial invoice & cargo.

Storage space:

Service Price
Storage Type Rate per CBM per week ( Min 20 CBM )
Dry USD 4.00

Storage facility for General cargo for fully packed condition cargo on pallets (Standard size 1.2*1*1 Meters) the rates quoted above are for the pallet size mentioned and May vary when change in Dimension/ Weight.